According to 6 Sec.1 of the Mediendienste-Staatsvertrag (German Federal Department for Media) and applicable general laws, CFMC is as the content provider responsible for its “own content”, which it provides for information purposes. Any “links” to third-party sites and their content must be differentiated from CFMC’s content. Through these links CFMC offers “third party content” which is subject to the following conditions:

Links are “living” (dynamic) cross-references. The CFMC author did initially check the content for civil or penal liability issues. It also checks the content referring to the CFMC offer but does not perform continuous checks on third party changes that could be cause for future liability. On learning through others that a concrete offer attached to a third party link may lead to a civil or criminal offence, CFMC will remove any reference to an offer.

Privacy and data protection Policy

Your rights

The German version of the GDPR applies. You have all the rights which are granted to you regarding this implementation(DSGVO) Like the following but not limited to:
  • restrict, suspend or terminate your access to the Services
  • access and describe your personal information that you provided to them
  • access and export your personal information processed by them and
  • amend your personal information, including your end-user profile.

Data usage on this website

Server log-files

Our web site hosting provider loggs the request to this site for delivering the site and to solve technical problems if any will occur. Following data is logged
  • Browser typ and browser version
  • used operating system
  • Referrer URL
  • Hostname of accessing computer
  • Time of request
  • IP address of accessing computer , which is required to deliver this web site


This site does not use Cookies

Forms and other data gathering features on this site

There are no forms or other data gathering features on this website, so no private data is transmitted


If you write us an e-mail we will use your contact information to process your request. Your e-mail address with other data regarding your request is stored and processed to answer your request. No data is given to 3rd parties.

Plugins and 3rd party fonts

This site does not use 3rd partie plugins or fonts  
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